SH MS05FS Heavy-Duty Adjustable Base With Non-Locking Casters TV Stand

Product Category: Washing Machine Mobile Base
Rank: Standard
Material: Stainless Steel,Plastic
Weight Capacity: 250kg (550lbs)
Width Range: 500-700mm (19.7"-27.6")
Caster Type: Locking Caster
Bubble Level: No
Color: White,Black
Accessory Kit Package: No

The SH MS05FS Heavy-Duty Adjustable Base with Non-Locking Casters is a reliable and sturdy mobile base designed for washing machines. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and durable plastic components, this base offers exceptional strength and can support an impressive weight capacity of 250kg (550lbs). With a width range of 500-700mm (19.7"-27.6"), it can accommodate various washing machine sizes.The base features non-locking casters that provide easy mobility and flexibility, allowing you to move your washing machine with ease when needed. While it doesn't include a bubble level, its practical design and solid construction ensure stability and reliability. You can choose between two classic colors, white and black, to match your appliance and home decor. Please note that this product doesn't come with an accessory kit package, making it a straightforward and essential addition to your laundry room.

Width Adjustment: fits a variety of appliance/device sizes and shapes.

Height Elevation: provides ventilation, protects against rust, and allows for cleaning.

Rough Surface: keeps the appliance stays in place.

Dual Wheel Casters: allow for smooth rolling.

Push-Button Lock Catch: locks the caster at the touch of a button.

Leveling Feet: adapt to most uneven floor or surface.

Rubber Pads: prevent slippery and floor-scratching.

Washing Machine Base, Washing Machine Bracket, Telescopic Furniture Dolly Roller, Air Conditioner Mount, Furniture Dolly, Refrigerator Base.

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